SMS2Email and blogging through SMS

This is a test of the email post function offered by Safaricom.

I’ve just enabled the SMS2Email functionality on this blog to test it out. Through our work with Map Mathare, we’ve been discussing blogging through SMS with the Mathare Valley bloggers.

Marc Maxson blogged about SMS2Email from Safaricom extensively here. With his permission, I’m reposting the basic instructions.

To set-up sms to e-mail on your phone:

  1. Create a new SMS message on your phone and type EMAIL ON. Send the SMS to 123
  2. Receive reply with your e-mail address based on your number e.g
  3. To personalize your e-mail address e.g., send the words ‘ADDRESS John.Doe’ to 123
  4. You are set!

To send an email to someone:

  1. To send an e-mail, create a new SMS and type the recipient’s e-mail address followed by your message. Leave a space between the address and your message. SEND TO 123
  2. To read an e-mail. You will receive an SMS notification when you have an e-mail. To read your first message, type READ 1. To read your second message type READ 2 etc. and send to 123. The message will inform you of how many SMS’s it will take to read each message.

COST: Sending an sms to 123 is charged at 7/- per sms, sms length is 160 characters. Receiving an sms from 123 is free

Setting up “blog by email” on your WordPress blog

The official directions are on To post by email, you need to:

  1. Create a dedicated e-mail account:
    • Login to your wordpress blog
    • Go to Dashboard
    • Click “My Blogs” under Dashboard
    • Click the “enable” button to setup blog by email. This will generate your secret email address. It will generate something like
    • Write your email address. This is what you put in the start of every sms2email message.
  2. Use sms2email from Safaricom to deliver the message
  1. Thanks for sharing this. Did you test it out? I don’t know if it is still 100% correct – since they are pulled from a buried part of SafariCom’s site.

    This is also an indirect way of doing SMS-to-facebook or SMS-to-twitter. But I haven’t figured out how to change the default tweet from “SMS message from Safaricom user”

    • Jamie said:

      I did test it out and it worked. So thanks! I also cannot figure out how to change the default blog post title to “SMS2Email from Safaricom Subscriber.” I had to log onto to change it. Let me know if you figure it out!

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